SmartCoat™ is a premium nano TiO2 and eco-friendly sterilizing solutions premeditated to disseminate microbes and pathogen, 24/7. It is designed to be sustainable and long-lasting; and formulated to provide a healthier and refreshing environment. SmartCoat™ is suitable to be applied in any indoor premises and transportations, performed by trained professionals only.

This nanotechnology coating is to be applied via electrostatic sprayer and quick dry easily on any surfaces. It will then form a self-sanitizing surface and activate its oxidative ability once exposed to light. It can decompose harmful substances that cause allergies and effective against bacteria and viruses, remove malodorous and VOCs, and most importantly, it also prevents indoor cross contamination.

SmartCoat™ is tested and proven in Malaysia, Thailand, China, Singapore, Australia, Dubai, USA and EU standards; and it is widely applied in residences, hotels, F&Bs, shopping malls, offices, preschool and education centres, child and elderly care centres, entertainment centres, customer service and call centres, etc.

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Nanotechnology Coating Service

SmartCoat™ Premise Disinfection Service is available with the selection of effective period as shown below.

SC Coating

Air Purification Technology powered by SmartCoat™

SC Coating is premediated to improve indoor air quality by eliminating harmful air pollutants that causes health problems. The coating is translucent, eco friendly, long lasting and can be applied onto all types of surfaces via our own electrostatic spraying technology.

SmartCoat™ On-The Go

Vehicle Interior Coating

Secure your vehicle by eliminating harmful virus and bacteria, removing unpleasant odours and more effectively round the clock with a 24/7 self-sanitizing vehicle protection for up to 12 months.

SmartCare Series

A Premise Disinfection Service powered by SmartCoat™

A disinfection smart kit that is made readily available to be applied at your convenience.


Pest Control Services

Professional pest control services to keep your home and establishment safe.

Recommended Area of Application


(Office building, shopping mall, SOHO, Customer Service Centre, etc.)


(Condominium, Apartment, Bungalow, etc.)


(Manufacturing, Logistics, Packaging, etc.)


(Hotels and Resorts, Food and Beverage, holiday homes, Airbnb, etc.)


(Preschool and Play School, College and University, etc.)

Care Centre

(For infant, children and elderly, dialysis centre, etc.)


(Private and commercial vehicle, buses, trains, taxis, etc)


(Indoor Entertainment Center, Indoor Playground, Sports Centre, Gymnasium, etc.)