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Earth is rapidly warming; Air and Water pollution is worsening. Climate is changing. The modernization and globalization of business and manufacturing contribute to our present-day scarcity of resources.


Day to day, we are constantly expose to bacteria and viruses potentially threatens our body and immune system – from that very moment you opened your eyes in the morning – your toothbrush in the bathroom, CO2 from the traffic jam, that table at your regular breakfast place, door knobs, key boards, lift buttons, mobile phone, car steering, gym equipment, etc. You will potentially get it somehow or rather – either through the physical contact of a contaminated object or a polluted environment.


Much as you want to steer clear of being exposed to pollutions, is there a safer way to protect you and your loved ones?

  • What are the sustainable and preventive measures being available in the market?
  • How to improve your indoor environment air quality?
  • Who can you turn to for professional advice?

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SmartCoat™ is suitable to be applied in any indoor premises and transportations, performed by trained professionals only.


SmartCoat™ is a premium nano TiO2 and eco-friendly sterilizing solutions premeditated to disseminate microbes and pathogen, 24/7. It is designed to be sustainable and long-lasting; and formulated to provide a healthier and refreshing environment. SmartCoat™ is suitable to be applied in any indoor premises and transportations, performed by trained professionals only.

This nanotechnology coating is to be applied via electrostatic sprayer and quick dry easily on any surfaces. It will then form a self-sanitizing surface and activate its oxidative ability once exposed to light. It can decompose harmful substances that cause allergies and effective against bacteria and viruses, remove malodorous and VOCs, and most importantly, it also prevents indoor cross contamination.

SmartCoat™ is tested and proven in Malaysia, Thailand, China, Singapore, Australia, Dubai, USA and EU standards; and it is widely applied in residences, hotels, F&Bs, shopping malls, offices, preschool and education centres, child and elderly care centres, entertainment centres, customer service and call centres, etc.



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Benefits of SmartCoat™

Safe Substance

Safe Substance

Putting mind at east while being protected in a sanitized zone.



Formulated to eliminate bacteria and viruses instantaneously.

Long Lasting

Long Lasting

Premediated and designed for sustainable and lasting protection.



Coated surface with self-sanitizing ability round the clock, 24/7.

Purifies Air

Purifies Air

Improves overall indoor air quality.

Removes VOCs

Removes VOCs

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gases from a variety of household chemicals, paint, furniture, etc some of which may have shortterm and long-term adverse health effects.

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