Welcome to SmartCoat

SmartCoat is one of the world’s most advanced nano technologies. It is manufactured by a Malaysian based company called Titanium World Technology Sdn. Bhd., previously known as Arc Flash Corporation Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

SmartCoat was born in 2011 and it was officially launched in 2012 after winning numerous awards in international science competitions.

Titanium World Technology Sdn. Bhd. has a very strong R&D team locally in Malaysia and the company has now developed it's business overseas in countries like Thailand, Singapore, Europe, Macau and India with each individual country distributors having their own team of R&D personnel too. This has further made SmartCoat very strong in the R&D sector of continuous product improvements and innovations where ideas are generated across the borders with expertise from different countries.

In 2012, Titanium World Technology Sdn. Bhd. set-up a joint venture with a group of Thailand partners to market SmartCoat globally. SmartCoat was assigned to Green Shield Pte Ltd to explore business opportunities in countries other than Malaysia and Thailand.

Locally, SmartCoat is managed by Titanium World Technology itself in the supply and application of the technology to the Malaysian market. The company has a team of Sales and Marketing personnel and also a team of qualified application personnel.

Apart from manufacturing, marketing, sales and application of SmartCoat, Titanium World Technology also works very closely with the R&D team to produce a wider range of products to enhance the services provided by the group of companies, worldwide.

SmartCoat S, SmartCoat “On The GO” , SmartMask and Armor8 are some of the innovations the company created for the group.

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