How It's Used


Fixing by Spraying Directly

Titanium World Technolgy is one of the few professional Photocatalyst manufacturers with the fixation technologies of direct spraying globally and due to this Titanium World Technolgy can provide a complete spraying service.

The special spraying gun used by Titanium World Technolgy is purpose made by our Singaporean partner and can spray 1µm bubbles covered by the electrostatic technology, through which SmartCoat is fully charged with electrostatic and will attach on the bubble surfaces. Once bubbles are sprayed and attached on the surface of objects, it would be extruded and become half-sphere. Then the surface tension caused by the pressure inside the bubbles will push the TiO2 forward and stay on the bubble surfaces to meet light for reaction.

Owing to the fixation technologies, SmartCoat Photocatalyst can be directly sprayed on the surfaces of any materials including organic matters.
The decomposition problem is wisely avoided because SmartCoat Photocatalyst will not directly contact materials, unlike other Photocatalysts. It is unnecessary to take steps of protecting organic materials by coating inorganic matters before processing. The technique simplification and extension of application ranges are the fruits brought by the fixation technologies of SmartCoat Photocatalyst.

Getting Dry and Firm Instantly
Photocatalysts of other brands are watery and hard to dry after spraying and even need being heated under high temperature, which are quite inconvenient. Therefore unlike other brands, SmartCoat Photocatalyst can dry in seconds after spraying on rough surfaces (e.g. wall, wood), and in less than 30 seconds on glossier surfaces (e.g. tiles, marble), so the instant drying feature of SmartCoat makes it very convenient to apply without affecting the construction environment.

SmartCoat Photocatalyst will not be erased by touch after being dried, and its hardness could reach the maximum (pencil hardness 4H) in few minutes, which is even harder than the paint used on automobiles. The layer will be long lasting on the surfaces of objects and will not be damaged unless rubbed with hard objects.

SmartCoat Application Videos


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